Sports Medicine

Building a stronger, fitter, healthier you.

Injury Prevention

At Coyne Medical our specialist GPs use cutting edge screening – specific to your sports activities – to identify your potential injury risk-factors.

How well do you know your weak points? Based on our 1 hour sports specific injury screening process we identify your weak points and give you a plan to deal with them. Our state of the art screening will build an injury risk profile. You will then be able to log on to your online account to get your personalised training program of exercise that you can do from home with a minimum of equipment.

Injury Prevention Consultation £135 including online training program, email and telephone follow up.

Return to Sports

Getting back to your pre-injury condition can be frustrating. We offer testing based on the latest research to get you back to your best. We will build a program of exercises to help enhance your recovery from injury. You can then log onto your online account and perform the exercises that will get you back on track.

If you need more in-depth help we can make sure you get seen quickly by the best physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons with a private referral.

Return to Sport Consultation £115 including online training program, email and telephone follow up.

Pre-Event Screening

If your preparing for a big sporting event this year, whether it’s to smash the marathon in under 4 hours or walk your first 10K, our Pre-Event Screens can give you the peace of mind that it’s safe for you to compete. Our comprehensive screening involves:

  • Full medical history
  • Review of training program and planned event
  • Examination of heart and lungs
  • Musculoskeletal examination
  • ECG (electrocardiogram)

Pre-Event Screening Consultation £125 including copies of results and documentation as required. Events requiring medical certification include L’Etape du Tour, La Marmotte, Marathon des Sables, Venice Marathon and Paris Marathon. 

Learn more about our approach to sports medicine on our blog.


We want you to reach the highest levels of performance. This could be finishing the London marathon or climbing Everest. We work with you every step of the way.

We are proud to keep up to date with the latest medical technology to help you perform better. Hormonal and nutritional deficiencies can affect performance and recovery. We can test for a wide range of markers in the blood to improve your training and guide use of supplements.

Take a look at our Advanced Blood Analysis. Just because you are not as fast as Usain Bolt there is no reason we can’t treat you like him. Use the latest science and analysis to get you performing at your peak.