Pregnancy Care

From personalised GP led-care throughout pregnancy, to state of the art blood tests and a doctor you can email with all those little questions. We’ll provide support from conception to parenthood and beyond.


Motherhood is a beautiful blessing and a great challenge. You want to make sure you are ready to meet the test. It is really sensible to see your doctor before planning a pregnancy. We will make sure any pre-existing medical conditions are optimised for pregnancy, it’s really important for example to get conditions like asthma and thyroid imbalances are right for conception and pregnancy. if you are worried about your fertility we can arrange initial tests and checks, including blood hormone levels and semen analysis for men.


If you or your partner have any family history of conditions we can also offer genetic screening before pregnancy so that you know any risks or worries beforehand.

Personalised GP care

Regular check-ups with your doctor will help to ensure you and your baby stay healthy throughout pregnancy. Personalised care ensures that you’ll get know your doctor and can feel confident discussing any questions or health concerns you may have during pregnancy. You’ll feel reassured by a check on your baby’s heart rate at every consultation.


We are happy to liaise with all other doctors or midwives who may be involved in your care in the NHS or privately. All pregnancy check-ups are included FREE of charge for our Sage and Opal members. Non-members can book appointments too using our Teal ‘Pay As You Go’ membership, join today for FREE.

Flexible appointments

Our personal approach to healthcare means that appointments can be timed to suit the needs of busy couples in the evenings where required. We are also open on Saturdays too. We offer a flexible approach with plenty of time to answer your individual questions and worries. Same day appointments, email and telephone access to your GP mean members will never feel unsupported. We can even arrange a home visit for you if needed, these can be especially helpful when baby has arrived and you are not quite up to a trip to the clinic yet.


We are happy to share our wide experience and provide guidance on choosing the right hospital and consultant both within the NHS and the private sector.

Tests and checks

We’re committed to providing cutting edge healthcare to our patients and offer the latest antenatal tests available for your peace of mind. You can access our full range of tests at our convenient clinic in Fulham. We offer many tests not routinely available within the NHS including the Harmony test, non-invasive prenatal testing and testing for Group B strep.


Learn more about our approach to antenatal medicine on our blog.