Health Screening

We know prevention is better than cure.

We take into consideration the most important areas of your health and together with the latest technology develop a personalised wellness plan to help you become your best self.

Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation

Includes full clinical examination with review of medical concerns and history PLUS: 

Healthy Heart Screen – heart check, blood pressure, ECG, blood cholesterol level and 10 year cardiovascular risk assessment.

Lung Health Screen – including lung spirometry test and lung age testing.

Diabetes Prevention – blood glucose level and 10 year diabetes risk assessment.

Emotional Well Being and Sleep Quality Assessment. 

Full Lifestyle Assessment including nutrition, exercise and weight management.

£490 for non-members and £450 Teal Members (join Teal ‘Our Pay As You Go’ membership for free today). Complimentary membership benefit in Sage and Opal Membership.

Advanced Wellness Evaluation

Includes EVERYTHING in our Comprehensive Assessment PLUS:

Full Blood Screening – Full Blood Count, Kidney and Liver Function, Uric Acid, Cholesterol (HDL and LDL), Iron and Thyroid Function, Glucose and HbA1C (latest screening for diabetes).

Cervical Smear Screening Test for women, including automatic testing for high risk HPV types for borderline or abnormal results.

PSA (prostate blood test) for men including the latest laboratory assessment using total and free PSA levels.

Body Composition Analysis – accurate assessment of body fat, muscle mass and metabolism.

PLUS Faecal Occult Blood Testing

£700 for Non-Members and £650 for Teal Members  (join Teal ‘Our Pay As You Go’ membership for free today). Complimentary membership benefit in Opal Membership, upgrade available for Sage Members.