Personalised Medicine 


Many patients do not benefit from the first medication they are prescribed. Some will have side effects. Pharmacogenomics has the ability to make the medicines you are prescribed personalised to you. 

The Benefits of Pharmacogenomics


Pharmacogenomics testing examines 50 well-established genes with over 200 gene-varients to establish:

  • What medication is right for you.
  • What is the best medication dose for you.
  • Whether you may experience side effects.

Getting the Most out of Pharmacogenomics


The people who benefit most from pharmacogenomic testing are those who need a long-term medication. This is particularly the case when:

  • There is more than one potential medication to choose from
  • When the medication carries with it a high risk or side effects
  • When the starting dosage is undecided
  • When patients are on more than one medication. 


Accurate Results


Once your saliva sample is taken it is sent to the laboratory to undergo cutting edge, next-generation sequencing. The testing has demonstrated 100% sensitivity (true positive detection rate) and 100% specificity (true negative detection rate). 


The Pharmacogenomics Genetics Package is valued at £1150


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