Diet and Exercise – Personalised

Coyne Medical Health and Fitness Genetics is a paradigm shift in health and wellness.


Do find it hard to maintain your ideal weight?
Is it hard for you to stick to an exercise program?
Do you find you have bad reactions to caffeine, alcohol or lactose?


Have you have answered YES to any of these? Then our Health and Fitness Genetics Panel can help you reach your true potential.

How does the Health and Fitness Genetic Testing Work?


Genes are chunks of DNA that provide the code for our individual characteristics. However, our genes can tell us a whole lot more than height and eye colour. Our Health and Fitness Genetic testing examines the genes that explicitly relate to your metabolism, diet and fitness.

We create personalised lifestyle plan through a quick and easy saliva test, helping you become your best self.

The sample is then sent to our laboratory where it undergoes DNA extraction and cutting edge, next-generation genetic sequencing. A comprehensive report is produced within 2-4 weeks of the test being done. You can then review the report with your experienced doctor. Together you will develop a bespoke diet and lifestyle plan to help you unleash your potential.

Diet and Nutrition. Reinvented.


Take the guesswork out of exercise and dieting. Studies have established that our genes play a huge role in our diets.

This genetic test will be able to tell you:

  • The path to your ideal body weight
  • Which vitamins and minerals your body needs most to perform
  • Your propensity to high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar
  • How your body responds to macro-nutrients such as fat, protein and carbohydrate
  • What types of food you prefer and eating behaviours such as binge eating
  • How effective your body’s detoxification mechanism is and antioxidant requirements

Are you struggling to meet your exercise goals? Then our Health and Fitness Genetic Testing can give you the answers you need. The test will tell you:


  • What sporting activities are most suitable for you
  • Response to Aerobic Training
  • Response to Strength Traning and ability for muscle growth and hypertrophy
  • Predisposition to sports injuries
  • Your ability to recover from exercise.
  • Response to stress


The Health and Fitness Genetics Package is valued at £650


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