Genetic Testing

Take control – discover what your genes say about your health.

Cardiac & Cancer Genetics

At Coyne Medical we know that prevention is better than cure. Our cutting edge genetic testing allows you to discover what your genes say about your future health.

1 in 6 healthy adults carries a potentially serious health-related genetic risk. Our genetic testing analyses over 140 genes to identify the risk of cancers and cardiac disease that could impact on your future health.

These possible variants found on all 140 genes can be prevented or treated if discovered early. That way, you can work with your doctor to take action for a healthy future.


Health & Fitness Genetics

Don’t just be active. Be Proactive. Take control of your diet and exercise habits by finding out what is the best diet and exercise for you. 

With a simple saliva-based test, we are able to evaluate over 100 genetic variants and establish the effect of your genes on your health, diet and fitness.

Using this bespoke information, we are able to curate an optimal lifestyle plan that works best for you and your body alone. 



Research shows us that 40-50% of patients will not respond to their first drug treatment. Here at Coyne Medical, we believe in personalised Medicine. Our Pharmacogenetic testing can help establish what is the best drug treatment for you at the most effective dose.

This next-generation technology uses a saliva-based test to analyse over 200 variants of 50 genes allowing your doctor to create a bespoke treatment plan for you. 



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