Taking Healthcare into the heart of your home

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At Coyne Medical we are always on the look out for new technology that can enhance the healthcare experience for our patients. When we found the CliniCloud we knew it would be a fantastic addition to any family home.

The CliniCloud allows patients and parents to quickly and easily monitor their health and get the right medical care even when they are not in the doctors surgery.

Contactless Thermometer

The contactless thermometer allows you to check your child’s temperature without waking them up. It’s quick and easy to use and means there is no more worrying about how far in the ear you have to put the thermometer and no more trying to pin to child’s arm to their chest to check the temperature under the arm!

The thermometer is hygienic, portable and highly accurate. It synchs with the Clinicloud app on your phone via Bluetooth to record every reading so that your doctor can see the trend over time.

Digital Stethoscope

The digital stethoscope requires no medical training. Simply plug it in to your phone and the CliniCloud app will guide you through where to place it. The stethoscope records heart and breath sounds with medical diagnostic quality. The recording can then be shared with your doctor so that they can give quick evaluation even when you’re at home.



Embracing Technology

At Coyne Medical we aim to be setting the benchmark for patient care and as such are constantly on the lookout for technological advances that help us achieve that aim.

Clinicloud’s connected home medical kit, has won a number of awards, including Gold in the prestigious 2016 Edison Awards. 

You can purchase a Clinicloud home medical kit today from Coyne Medical for £150.

An initial remote medical consultation using Clinicloud is £150 and follow-consultations are £75.