Peak Performance Analysis

The latest tests for anyone serious about their body.

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Complete profile of your body and a close look at your performance hormones.

The Core Tests

Absolutely everything from our core Performance and Wellness Analysis is included.


Full Blood Count, ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), Biochemistry Profile, Glucose, Cholesterol (including HDL and LDL, triglycerides), Iron Studies, Thyroid Function.


A complete profile of the body and check of the major systems including red and white blood cells, liver and kidney function, iron and thyroid metabolism.

Nutrition Analysis

Omega 3 and 6 Levels, Total Antioxidant Status, Mineral Screen, Vitamin B9 and B12.


Levels of these blood tests will help to assess your nutrition. Make sure you are meeting your body’s needs. The results will be combined with a detailed review of your current diet to formulate a plan. Your doctor will help guide dietary changes to improve your overall wellness or the correct use of supplements.


Performance Hormones

Testosterone. Not just for the boys. Men and Women need healthy levels for energy, libido, muscle development and recovery.

Oestradiol (for women only). Good levels are crucial for ovarian function. Women also need healthy levels to maintain healthy bone mass. Modern life stresses and hormone changes can cause disruption.

Optional Extras:

We are happy to add additional appropriate tests, we use The Doctors Laboratory to perform all our analyses, they are the largest independent clinical laboratory in the UK. Optional items include Cortisol £40 and DHEAs £59.50. We are happy to create bespoke profiles for clients, just get in touch.

Metabolism Screening

HbA1C. The latest and most accurate screening test for diabetes. Can also detect changes in pre-diabetes giving a valuable window to intervene and reverse the metabolic changes.


Reverse T3. A more sensitive marker than thyroid function tests alone. Can indicate a problem with thyroid metabolism even when standard thyroid function tests are ‘normal.’


If there are particular tests you wanted then please let us know and we’ll happily create a bespoke panel of tests to meet your needs.

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Total cost £995, includes blood sample taking, all laboratory analysis, 2 consultations with your doctor and personalised plan. Discounts available for Members.


You will get a completely personalised report with all your results and advice tailored to your lifestyle to improve your wellbeing.


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