Gut Health Analysis

Take the first step to healing your gut.

Beat bloating.

Get your digestion back on track.

Taking the tests

Your first consultation will be with your doctor. Your doctor will go through with you your past medical history, any specific concerns you have about your gut health, your family history as well as detailed information about your diet and lifestyle. The doctor will perform a comprehensive examination of the gastrointestinal system and take your blood tests.

Ensure your gut health is optimised

Blood tests include checks for coeliac disease, cereal and grain allergy, red and white bloods cells, inflammation markers, protein levels, glucose liver and kidney function. It is important that you have not excluded gluten during the testing period.

For some patients it is important to rule out infections as a cause of gut symptoms. If gut infection is a concern for you additional testing can be done on a stool sample.

Additional fee for testing for bacteria, ova, cysts and parasites in stool £48.00.

Personalised Gut Health Plan

Once the doctor has taken your blood tests the sample will be taken by courier to our central London laboratory which is the largest independent laboratory in the UK. You will then have a follow-up consultation with your doctor to go through your results and develop you personalised gut health plan.

Don’t wait to get your gut back on track

Total cost £450, includes 2 consultations with your doctor, all laboratory fees and a personalised report. Discounts available for members.


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