Advanced Cardiac Blood Analysis

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We offer the latest in blood markers for cardiovascular disease.

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The Consultation: the Doctor will check your past medical history and any family history. You will also be examined the check your heart rhythm, rate, blood pressure, height and weight. Then the Doctor will take your blood tests.

More than just Cholesterol

Cholesterol including HDL and LDL, Triglycerides. Detailed analysis to check not just your level but a breakdown into the ‘good’ HDL and ‘bad’ LDL. and triglycerides.

Apolipoprotein A and B, and Lipoprotein (a). These tests are often routinely used in the United States. They enable a more accurate prediction for cardiovascular risk. Over 50% of people with heart disease have ‘normal’ LDL cholesterol levels.

Complete General Health Screen. Includes full blood count (red and white cells), kidney and liver function tests, iron level, bone profile.


Inflammation and The Whole Body

 hsCRP (highly sensitive C-Reactive Protein). We all think about heart disease as all about diet and lifestyle. It is actually an inflammatory disease so close examination of this marker can help guide if you are at higher risk than your cholesterol or body weight might suggest.

LpPLA2 (PLAC) Test, this test can predict vulnerability of coronary artery plaques to rupture, it is this sudden event which usually causes a heart attack. The PLAC test is independent of other measures of cardiovascular disease risk. It will help to guide risk management as it can be raised even if all other tests are ‘ok’.


Personalised Heart Action Plan

We send all your blood tests by motorbike courier to The Doctors Laboratory, the largest independent clinical laboratory in the UK, located off Harley Street.

You will come for a face to face consultation with your doctor to discuss in all your results in detail and how you can optimise to protect your future health. You will receive a complete personalised plan with all your results. If it’s easier we can talk by phone or FaceTime too.

Book Now Total Cost £519 includes all consultation and examination fees, laboratory fees and your report. Discounts available for Members.