L’Étape du Tour Medical Certificate

Our L’Étape du Tour Pre-Event Screens will ensure you make it do the start line in peak condition and give you the peace of mind that it’s safe to compete.

Fit to Compete

One of the most prestigious Sportives in the World, the Étape du Tour follows the same iconic mountain passes as the professionals in the Tour de France. This years edition takes place on 17th July. The formidable route starts in the fortress town of Briançon and finishes at the summit of the might Col d’Izoard. To start the race, you will need a medical certificate stating that you are fit to compete.

Helping you reach peak condition

Our thorough assessment can help to:

Identify any underlying conditions that may make it unsafe to compete

Help people with existing medical conditions participate in the event

Identify training errors that may predispose to injury.

Optimise training and competition performance

A comprehensive assessment

Your L’Étape du Tour Medical Involves:

Full Medical History

Review of Training and Diet

Examination of the heart and lungs

Blood Pressure check

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Musculoskeletal Examination

Same Day Booking

Our Étape du Tour Pre-Event Screen will help ensure not only that you make it to the in peak condition start line but also that you make it to the finish line

Your Étape du Tour Certificate Consultation is £125 and includes copies of results and all documentation required including your stamped medical certificate which will state that “there is no contra-indication to taking part in competitive cycling events.”

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