8 Post January Goal Setting Tips by Adam at Lomax Chelsea

8 Post January Goal Setting Tips by Adam at Lomax Chelsea

Ok so January is over but that doesn’t mean that’s it for another year, although gym memberships would tell a different story.

Every year I see the gym packed in January as everyone starts their new year health kick but then come February and March the gym becomes quieter, which is great for all us regular trainees but it does beg the question, what happened to this new year and new hope?

So I’ve compiled my top 8 goal setting tips to help you think beyond January and well into the new year.

What’s your Motivation

Are your health and fitness goals Extrinsic or Intrinsic?

Do you look for physical gratification from social media etc or do you have a much deeper emotional reason for your goals?

One is far more powerful than the other and will be longer lasting and sustained over the long run.

What’s your UFG

A question I always like to ask new clients is ‘What is your Ultimate Fitness Goal’ and can you define it, in one short sentence?

Simplifying your goals and focussing your efforts on one things is a sure fire way of achieving them.

Also how would it make you feel if you achieved it overnight?

Finding your emotional anchor as to how you’d feel and why you want to achieve your goal will help to reinforce the process.

Goal Setting – Outcomes vs Behaviours                                                              

So now you have an idea of what your Ultimate Fitness Goal is, which is probably your outcome goal.You now need to work out what your daily behavioural goals and habits will be, these are the actions that you take each day that will build up to you achieving your outcome or Ultimate Fitness Goal.Without those small, habitual and cumulative behavioural goals you won’t reach your outcome in an efficient way.


Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail or Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

If you don’t leave things to chance and think ahead of the game then achieving your goals becomes a matter of WHEN not IF.

Thinking ahead also removes a certain amount of stress from your day, especially where food preparation is concerned.

Consistency and Commitment

Looking for that silver bullet?
The one cure that fixes all?

Look no further, these two habits are your secrets to achieving fitness and life success!

Probably not in the form you were expecting, not a pill, powder or potion but actually something that’s inside all of us.

Isn’t that a great feeling, it’s something you don’t have to rely on someone else to give you, as its already inside you, it just needs to be cultivated and nourished like a plant in order for it to grow.

So get growing your Consistency and Commitment Tree today!

Enjoy the Journey

Having an outcome goal is essential so that you know where you’re going but don’t forget to enjoy the journey, embrace the challenges, celebrate the small day to day achievements and enjoy the process of change.

If you always focus on the outcome, your life will pass you by, they’ll always be another goal, this is true in fitness, business and life.

Inspiration Breeds Motivation

Who inspires you?

When times are tough during the process of change, you might need to call on some external inspiration to motivate you into action.

For me watching Arnie and bodybuilding DVDs always fired me up when training for fitness shows and there’s a great Al Pacino speech in Any Given Sunday that I love to listen to when I need an extra push.

Be Inspired and Get Motivated


Action through Accountability

Being held accountable for your actions or what you say you’re going to do is the most powerful way to keep you on track.

Telling friends and family or posting your intentions on social media is a great way to stay accountable, having a coach or personal trainer is another obvious one, even coaches need their own coaches and mentors sometimes, to ensure they perform consistent and positive action.

Here’s to a great day of action!

Having a Personal Trainer or coach is a great way to stay accountable, along with technology to help with tracking progress and program adherence.


Adam Stansbury is a Personal Trainer at Lomax Chelsea. For more information on Personal Training with Adam please email bookings@lomaxpt.com, visit http://theplantpoweredpt.com or follow him on instagram at @theplantpoweredpt.